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Title: Jake's Birthday
Author: [ profile] moit
Original Fiction
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Author's Note: So much meta I dare you to untangle it all.

Michael sat up with a start. “Fuck!”

Beside him on the couch, Jake glanced over the top of the X-Men comic he was reading. “What?”

“Happy birthday,” Michael said, sounding more angry than well-wishing. “I can’t believe I forgot your fucking birthday.”

“No big deal,” Jake replied, shrugging one shoulder. He disappeared back behind his comic.

“I’m so sorry,” Michael sighed, sliding onto his belly over Jake’s body and worming his head up under the comic. “I had something totally awesome planned, and now my plans are just . . . fucked.”

Jake closed his comic and set it carefully on the coffee table. He was very protective of his reading material. “Really, it’s no big deal,” he said, wrapping his arms around Michael’s waist. “Just being here with you is all the present I need.”

“I love you,” Michael said seriously, staring into Jake’s dark eyes.

“I love you too, baby.” They shared a kiss and Michael laid his head down on Jake’s chest.

“Maybe we can go to the zoo this weekend. We can see the lemurs and get some vanilla ice cream.”

“You know me too well,” Jake grinned, giving Michael a squeeze.

“Damn right,” Michael replied. “Now how about you read me the part in X-Men where Wolverine fucks Rogue through the mattress?”

Jake’s laughter vibrated his chest and echoed up through Michael’s ear. “I think we’ll have to write that one ourselves.”

“Okay, so then Rogue is wearing a skin-tight leather jumpsuit . . .”

Jake closed his eyes, carding a hand through Michael’s hair. He loved getting lost in his boyfriend’s words.


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