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Title: Blind - 11/?
Author: [ profile] moit
Pairing: Domlijah
Fandom: Lord of the Rings RPF
Rating: R
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Slash
Summary: After a horrific accident, Elijah is blinded. Dom is left to pick up the pieces of their broken life.
Word Count: 2,137
Previous Chapters here

The process for procuring a service dog was much more arduous than Elijah had initially anticipated. The first thing he had to do was fill out an application and include a letter detailing his handicap and need.

"'I'm Elijah Wood--surely you remember hearing about the accident that blinded me? Yeah, that's why I need help.' This is fucking stupid."

"You never know, they might not have heard of you. I mean, it's not like you're a household name," Josh provided helpfully.

"Shut the fuck up. I am so."

Josh's laughter was his only reply. The pair was sitting on the back deck of Elijah and Dom's rented beach house under the shade of the table umbrella while Elijah filled out his application on the computer. The speech recognition software Dom had loaded for him allowed him to continue using his computer, which gave him a sense of independence. Since Dom was at the studio, Elijah and Josh were enjoying some time alone.

"Completely off topic, but the producers have been talking about writing my character into LOST permanently. Well, unless he gets killed, or something."

"Really?" Elijah's face lifted from behind the screen of his laptop. "So you're finally going to move out and give Dom and me some peace?"

"Nope. They're giving me a part, but the budget is tight, so I'll have to keep shacking up with you guys."

"I really don't mind having you here," Elijah said sincerely.

"I know that."

For the next several minutes, the only sound that passed between them was that of Elijah's fingers on the keys, the slight hum of the voice in his ear, and the waves crashing gently against the beach.

"Okay, how's this: 'I am Elijah Wood, a 23-year-old actor who was blinded in an accident earlier this year. Currently, I am living in Hawaii with my,'" he paused. "Should I say boyfriend?"

"Well, it would be lying to call Dom your friend," Josh reasoned. "And they are doing a home visit, right? They'll figure it out. Hell, they might already know. Then you could be in some deep shit for lying about your personal life and you'll be fucked out of the process all together. I say just tell them."

"Okay." Elijah clacked on the keys some more. "'I am currently living in Hawaii with my boyfriend, Dominic Monaghan, who is working on the ABC show, LOST. Because Dominic and I spend so much time apart due to our busy schedules,'" here he snorted, "'I find it would be helpful to have a service dog at my side to allow me the freedom to walk out in public alone.' What do you think?"

"I think you had problems walking around in public before the accident. Maybe you should just hire a body guard?"

Elijah made a noise of disapproval. "If I wasn't going to do that before, it just makes me look weak now. The last thing I want to look like is an easy mark."

"So you'd rather just get stuffed in the trunk of a car, instead?"

"Josh, be serious!"

"I am!" Josh huffed out a breath. "You may not be an A-lister like Brad Pitt, but you're definitely noticed, Frodo. I'm not trying to piss in your Wheaties, but you do realize that I worry about you. Getting a service dog isn't going to mean that it's any safer for you to go out in public alone now than it was before."

"Fine. I'll change it." Elijah pursed his lips into a thin line.

"Maybe you should hire a personal assistant," Josh tried again. "In addition to the service dog, I mean."

"Wouldn't that be a bit overkill?" Elijah sighed and closed the lid on his laptop. "Maybe this is a bad idea."

"I never said that."

"I never said you did." Elijah stood up from the table and walked into the house. He returned with a cold beer and sat back down.

"Let's go over this, then. Pros and cons of getting a dog. Pro: the dog is with me 24/7."

"Con: the dog can't call Dom if something happens to you."

"Pro: the dog can still find a way to get help."

"I'll give you that one."

"Con," Elijah continued, "It doesn't make it any safer for me to go out in public alone."

"But the pro is that people will probably be less likely to approach you."

"I don't really know if that's a pro," Elijah frowned. "One of the things I've always been known for is my approachability. I don't want my fans to think I've suddenly become standoffish."

"Which would be a pro for a personal assistant. He or she could stand there while you talk to fans to run interference. Nobody's going to stuff you into a trunk with your assistant standing there."

"Can you stop with the 'trunk-stuffing' references? Please?"

"I'm totally serious about that."

"I know, which is why it's really starting to bug me. Do you think I haven't thought about that myself? I'm not exactly a huge guy. I'm sure nobody would think about stuffing you in a trunk."

"Eh, it doesn't stop me from worrying. It could still happen."

"I think someone would have to be the Incredible Hulk to stuff you in a trunk."

"Not if they had a gun," Josh reasoned.

"Well, a personal assistant isn't going to protect me from that."

"Point," Josh agreed, nodding.

Elijah took a long swig of his beer. "I think I'll just wait and talk to Dom about this tonight."


Dom got home later than usual because he had to run lines with Jorge. Matt had stopped by to pick Josh up about an hour earlier, so Elijah was left to his own devices. He managed to make a passable dinner without Dom's help and was just setting the table as the front door opened. He felt rather pleased with himself.

"Lij?" Dom called out.

"In the kitchen!" Elijah replied.

"Something smells good," Dom commented as he walked in to the room.

Elijah caught him around the waist and gave him a kiss. "Hey, baby. How was work?"

"Long," Dom sighed, sitting down at the table. "I would have been home earlier, but Jorge wanted to run lines, and I couldn't exactly tell him 'no.'"

"I figured as much. Matt picked Josh up about an hour ago."

"So we've got the house to ourselves?" Dom asked, trying to put as much innuendo into his voice as possible since Elijah couldn't see his expression.

"We do," Elijah said slowly, allowing a grin to spread across his face.

"And that means that dessert is in order, yes?" Dom smirked.

"If you eat all your dinner like a good boy," Elijah replied, setting a bowl of salad down on the table. He took a seat across from Dom. "There's actually something I wanted to talk to you about."

"Yeah?" Dom asked, his brows knitting in concern.

Elijah waited until they had tucked into their dinner before broaching the subject of getting a service dog. "I was talking to Josh earlier while I was filling out my application for a service dog."

"Mmm?" Dom said around his mouthful.

"He was playing devil's advocate and just sort of throwing possibilities around, about me getting or not getting a service dog. He said that I might be better off hiring a personal assistant, and I wanted to see what you thought."

Dom chewed his mouthful slowly and swallowed a drink of water. "I'm really all for whatever you want to do. I just never really thought about the possibility or the effect of hiring a personal assistant. I've obviously never had one myself. Have you?"

Elijah made a face. "I sort of had a personal assistant when I was growing up. She was more like a nanny to make sure that I ate my vegetables, didn't stay up to late, and met with my tutor regularly when my mom wasn't around. I wouldn't really call her a 'personal assistant,' though."

"What do you think, then? Is this something you'd be interested in doing? You don't sound like you're really in to the idea."

"It's not that, it's just that I sort of had my heart set on getting a service dog."

"So then get a service dog."

Elijah was quiet for a moment while he ate his dinner. "Josh reminded me of the limitations of a service dog. Like, what happens if I'm out in public and someone attacks me? Or something? The dog can't help me then."

"Elijah," Dom sighed, setting down his knife and fork. "If you really want a service dog, love, we'll get one. This isn't about what Josh thinks or what I want. If you're afraid to go out in public with the dog, you can wait for me to be home, or call someone to go with you. If you want a personal assistant, too, we can hire one. It's not like we can't afford it."

This brought a small smile to Elijah's face. "I knew you'd make me feel better about this whole thing."

"Well, what else am I good for?" Dom replied, and Elijah could hear the smile in his voice.

"Oh, I could think of a few things," Elijah replied, his voice going low. "Are you done eating?"

"I am now," Dom said, standing up.

Elijah stood up as well, the legs of his chair scraping across the floor in his haste. He walked around the table, took Dom by the hand, and led him into the living room.

They settled on the couch with Elijah straddling Dom's lap. "I really hope Josh doesn't walk in because I don't feel like waiting until we get to the bedroom," Elijah breathed hotly against Dom's neck.

"Fuck him, if he does," Dom sighed, sinking his hands down into the back of Elijah's jeans. He gasped in surprise when his hands met nothing but bare skin. "Did you plan this?"

"Not exactly," Elijah smirked, inching his t-shirt up his chest. "I took a shower earlier and just threw on a pair of jeans. Mostly, I just didn't feel like putting any boxers on, but it worked out, apparently."

"Apparently." Dom helped Elijah work his shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor. But when he went for his own shirt, Elijah's hands on his own stilled him. "Don't. I want you to keep your clothes on this time."

Dom's cock stirred in interest at Elijah's words. He watched as Elijah hopped off his lap, shed his own jeans and returned with a tube of lube that had so thoughtfully be left on the end table. "Did you know that was there?"

"Of course," Elijah grinned cheekily. "I put it there earlier. I may not have planned to go commando, but I definitely planned to have couch sex with you."

"Fuck," Dom hissed, lifting his hips off the couch as Elijah unzipped his jeans and pulled out his half-hard cock. His mouth was like hot velvet as it slipped over Dom's length. It didn't last long, just long enough to get him wet.

"I don't think we've christened the couch yet, have we?" Elijah asked, hovering over Dom's body so he could work two fingers into himself.

"Definitely not." Dom's voice stuttered as he watched Elijah prep himself. He slid his palms down Elijah's sides, not wanting to interfere, but anxious to proceed.

"You ready?" Elijah asked, smearing his lips against Dom's in a heated kiss, enjoying the feel of the Brit's scruffy beard against his face.

"Absolutely, yes," Dom sighed as Elijah took his cock in hand, coated him slick and slid down in one practiced motion.

"Fuck, I needed this," Elijah sighed, holding onto the back of Dom's neck for leverage as he worked himself up and down.

"You're beautiful," Dom sighed, savoring the sight of his boyfriend's lithe form arching in pleasure. Elijah's hand wrapped around his own cock, pulling in time with the motion of his hips.

"Not--gonna--last," he panted.

Dom smoothed a hand through his damp hair and kissed his temple. "Let go, love."

Dom's words were Elijah's undoing because a moment later he stilled and gave a soft sigh. Mouth open in pleasure, he spilled over his fist and Dom's belly.

When Elijah had recovered somewhat, Dom lifted him from under his knees and laid him down on his back against the smooth surface of the couch. He took his time making love to Elijah, pressing kisses against his face and neck. When Dom came, Elijah's name was on his lips.

They managed to untangle themselves and retire to their bedroom before Josh and Matt returned. Despite the late dinner, it was still an early night, but neither of them cared.


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