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Thank you to everyone who voted in my last poll. Per the results, I have already written and posted the next chapter of Blind, and sometime within the next two weeks I'll begin to load my fics onto AO3. My username on there is Moit, and I think the only thing that is posted so far is my single Hunger Games fic.

I did quite enjoy the last poll, and I feel like I got a better handle on what you guys would like to see next from my WIP list, so let's have another round. I'm only keeping the fics that had votes, and since we had several ties for second place, and I've left Blind off this time, I'd like to see what fic you guys think I should work on next.

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I have several questions, if you would be so kind as to entertain me.

[Poll #1849756]
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I just got an email from the literary magazine staff informing me they would regretfully (my ass) not be publishing my man on man porn. I'm not surprised, but I'm slightly disappointed. However, I do know the editor is paranoid about her "image" so I wouldn't want to besmirch that with something so tasteless as homosexual pornography. And do I really want my work in such a conservative place anyway? I think I'll shop around.

But thank you to everyone who offered encouragement. You'll be at the forefront of my mind when these pieces DO get published.

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Please bear with me and forgive the slight spam that is about to occur. I'm going to be posting all the fics from [ profile] orlijah_month to this journal for archiving purposes. If you *are* a member, you've probably already seen all these fics. However, if you are NOT, are you are interested in Orlijah, please stay tuned.

Either way, since the month is over, I just want to make sure all my fic is in one place. I will continue to write to the remaining prompts, but I'll be cross-posting.


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